Stephanie P. Kemp

Choreographer, Teacher, Mentor, Author, CEO

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choreographer, teacher, mentor, author, CEO

Author of "Success is Just the Beginning"

About the Book

Say goodbye to the status quo

Gone are the days of believing we have to choose between business and family, impact and income, or even quality and rapid growth. The real question is: 

How does one go about creating a life of sustained success? 

The same year Stephanie P. Kemp launched her first business and set out to establish a new industry standard, she married her high school sweetheart and committed herself to success in her professional and personal endeavors. Drawing on the hard-earned lessons of others’ failures and successes, she developed a unique approach that made it possible for her to grow one of the largest and most successful dance studios in the country, and three other thriving businesses, without sacrificing her family or her sanity. 

In Success is Just the Beginning, this celebrated CEO, coach, mentor, and educator reveals the six timeless lessons that have enabled her to build what she calls a Wealth-oiled Machine. 

Get ready to learn how to: 

● Cultivate a company culture that unleashes everyone’s highest potential

●Leverage your time and talent to stop sacrificing what’s important to you

● Face inevitable challenges with confidence and clarity 

Kemp’s no-nonsense approach will light your path to a well-balanced life of outstanding achievement. If you are ready to defy the status quo and live a life that aligns your purpose, passion, and paycheck, this book is for you. 

Don’t settle for anything less. 

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